Tiger Paw’s albums include:
  Sweet Beats
  Divine Intervention
  Heart of the Matter
  Tiger Rising – The Shore Calls the Sea
  No Thinkin’ Aloud


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This recording is World Music ambiance with chanting of inspirational prayers and sacred tones sung over powerful rhythms from the Caribbean, Africa, India, and Hawaii.

1. Ellegua e Ganesha (Opening to EshĂș and clearing of obstacles)

2. El Fuego Que Acaricia (The fire that caresses {Purification})

3. Plena (The Blessing of plenty)

4. Kalachakra Tantra (Initiation)

5. Rag Anhata (Opening of the Heart)

6. Pele’s Heaven (Opening of the Celestial Realms)

7. Mahalo (the giving of thanks to all of the ancestors for their guidance to all of us all over the planet)

Richard Harrison is a wonderful creative engineer. I had a lot of fun working with him when I recorded “Heart of the Matter”. His website is: GrassShackRecords.com


Heart of the MatterHEART OF THE MATTER
Recorded in Kona, Hawaii with KABIR on Chin (Chinese harp), Digeridoo, guitar and etc.

Tiger Paw on tabla and conga drums plus other percussion.
1. Heart of the Matter

2. Deep Within Listen

3. Sea Geisha Dream

4. Hurizon

5. Super Nova Being

6. Sky Garden

7. Purring Serpent

8. Un Dah Kee Yonah

9. Sixteen Dolphins (Zo Bop)

10. Tea with Swami


Heart of the MatterSWEET BEATS
This lively piece is a multi-layered recording incorporating rhythms originating in Cuba and Africa. These rhythms demonstrate how drum, bell and clave parts can fit together in sync and was recorded in a 16 track studio with Tiger Paw composing, arranging, and playing all parts of the multifarious layering.
1. Yessa

2. Tumbao

3. Conga Santiago

4. Plena

5. M’Boshi

6. Pele’s Bomba

7. 6/8 Top Cat

8. Brother George

9. Shiko

10. Yessa (Reprise)


Tiger Rising - The Shore Calls the SeaTIGER RISING – THE SHORE CALLS THE SEA







No Thinkin' AloudNO THINKIN’ ALOUD
Drumming is the key that opens many doors in our lives. Not only do the rhythms in this cd represent physical rhythms, but also the spiritual connection with our collective past.


It is my intent that by drumming along with this cd you will become more aware, improve your concentration and memory, as well as elevate your communication skills.


I have enjoyed putting this cd together and I hope you enjoy learning these rhythms which originate in Africa and Cuba and have them become an integral part of your life.