classroom_kidsMaster Percussionist Tiger Paw
has studied drumming around
the globe. She brings her exper-
ience with music of the world to the
classroom, sharing both the music
and cultural aspects of drumming.
Her students have ranged in age from 6 to 81.


Honaunau_school_1Teachings include exploring the cultural
origins of the specific rhythms being learned
which include:Honaunau_school_2
     + Afro-Cuban
     + African
     + Haitian
     + Puerto Rican


Exercises are taught that build:  
+ Communication skills
+ Physical co-ordination; balan-
   cing the right and left hemi-
   spheres of the brain
+ Confidence
+ Proficiency in working with
   polyrhythmic relationships
+ Call and response techniques
+ A simple method for notating
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