“She draws from the immense reservoir of traditional beats, but the result is truly an artistic expression of her own personality.” ~ BAM Magazine

“I have known of Tiger Paw’s outstanding abilities as a percussionist for many years. She has recorded in my husband’s recording studio several times, and I have seen her perform at many venues from private parties to public concerts. She is an excellent all around percussionist, but the most striking musical ability she has is to be perfectly appropriate in whatever situation she’s drumming in. No matter who she is playing with, her drumming comes through as the perfect balance with the other musicians. So many musicians have a need to be the loudest (especially drummers) and they don’t have an awareness of the “whole.” Tiger is very aware and brings it all together in the most subtle and appropriate way.” ~ Karen Harrison

“Tiger Paw is a gifted hand percussionist who displays a creativity and sensitivity that is rarely heard. She’s a knowledgeable and patient teacher who understands the primal holiness of drumming and brings a powerful spiritual foundation to her teaching. She also brings decades of experience with African, Cuban and Brazilian rhythms to the table, and knows how to teach the parts clearly. Tiger pays meticulous attention to technique, making sure that the student is playing properly so as to avoid injury. Lessons with Tiger Paw are always informative and fun; after a lesson with Ms Paw I always leave feeling encouraged to go home and practice. She has been an inspiration; I feel my studies with Tiger Paw have improved my overall musicianship.” ~ Brian Whistler

“As a teacher of percussion myself, I have participated in some of Tiger’s drum classes and found them to be very well structured and informative. Tiger excels at teaching complicated rhythms and pulling them together at the end of her classes, to everyone’s delight.” ~ Ruth Richards, Sebastopol, California

“I had the privilege of having Tiger Paw as a drum instructor for approximately two years. She is not only a great drummer, but a great teacher, and that is not easy to find. Her classes were always motivating, challenging and fun. I learned so much from her and I always jump at the chance to attend her classes anytime they are available.” ~ Nancy Z.

“Jessica, what you do in the world, what you share from your heart can be such a catalyst for change. Thanks for the opportunities you created for me to explore and express myself through dance. The music you share with us waters our souls and helps us each mature our own expression of Love, so that it spreads like little seeds on the wind, and more Love will bloom in the world.” ~ Clay Bishop